Geert Willems

Geert Willems

vrijdag 9 september 2011

new website knowledge-management-development

finally there is a site containing already a lot of free knowledge management information.
It's new, it's cool,
and it is only a start. A lot of guidelines are already given, but not yet elaborated.
No tools are available - but that is the plan:
to deliver not only the basic theory on a knowledge flow,
but to map existinbg tools on this knowlede flow.
To deliver not only information on technology,
but treat the other pillars - people and processes - as equal.
To deliver a lot of information,
and listing possible strategic goals for which knowledge management can be used as a tool.

Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies when it is shared.

Eat your own dog food.

So... on this site knowledge management knowledge is shared.

What site are we talking about?

Hopefully it will grow fast,
adding elaborations on techniques,
adding specific tools and vendors...

Looking forward to work on this !!

Here the figure pointing out the goals of the site:


maandag 5 september 2011

New website in Dutch

Visit our new website - in Dutch - on
This site contains more information than the previous one, including more specific information for different types of companies.