Geert Willems

Geert Willems

donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Beautiful Models fighting - in KM / updated picture / what's your opinion? - Twitter: @GSWconsulting - Follow us on Facebook

I love models. They're sexy.
And when they are really intelligent - they are great.
And when they offer something new - that is fantastisc.
And when they uncover ground covered so far - that's goosebumps creating!

(model picture: - and on request of my wife I needed to add a more sext male picture, slightly missing the point of thes article

Yeah - I used to be a follower of DIKW in the '80s, and made some comments on usability.
Yeah - I used to be a SECI follower in the 90's .
So I used to be an externaliser - and made some creative adaptions to the model myself, optimising the model.
Yeah - I used to be a Cynefin lover.

Ah, but you know what?

I still love them all. And observe discussions.

And my personal opinion? Is the SECI model still valuable? Yes!
And what about Cynefin: sure!

Isn't handling a complex environment done via a complicated or simple process, which can be SECI based?

You could be hardcore Cynefin.
You could be hardcore SECI.

But isn't the best of breed using the right model at the right time - and preferably a mutant of both - and more?

Just asking!!

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