Geert Willems

Geert Willems

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Why start-ups need knowledge management - Twitter: @GSWconsulting - Follow us on Facebook
Yesterday I was visiting a very high-tech company. Niche in niche. Medical sector. Very specilised.
And also very successful and booming.

And they knew that knowledge management is important to them, but also admitting they didn't do it in the optimal way.
Sure they are handling knowledge nowadays, they need to to get the certifications for their lab environments.

But now they foresee growth, from 50 to a few hundred in a short period of time.

How to share knowledge the right way?
How to keep being innovative?
What techniques should be used?
What tools should be used?

Even top of the world, very innovative, niche in niche, knowledge management is not their core business.

They don't keep track of tools, techniques, evolutions in the world of knowledge management.
They didn't spend time on following trends and analysing what failed, and what is good for their own environment.

And they are clever enough to get trained.
They don't want an external knowledge manager to manage their business.

They want to get top notch knowledge management training and do it themselves.

Creating a knowledge management environment which isn't depending on the sheer size of the company.
They need this, as do all booming start-ups. Because if they don't manage their knowledge right, their edge will be lost.

And that's fine by me - training coaching new knowledge manager is what I love to do most!

Geert Willems

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