Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 14 oktober 2013

Why we all have to deal with complex systems.

I was in a workshhop with Dave Snowden last week in Frankfurt. And learned more about the Cynefin model (such as it is pronounced as [keuneivan]. Glad to have learned that, since if I would have been talking to him as [seuneufien] I would have made myself rediculous before I even started.

One of the main thing about this model is the difference of handling simple, complicated, complex and choatic circumstances  as a leader or as a knowledge manager.
I share the opinion that too much emphasis is still on the explicit making of knowledge.

In complex systems it's just not worth it, undoable because of a negative business case, or just undoable.

I question I got recently: "We're a simple company. Nothing complex about us. Half of the Cynefin framework doesn't apply to us".

And than I start to ask that person, to make a drawing about the situation of his - and any company.
And we came down very fast, agreeing that any company has competitors and customers.
A simple complex - glorieus twinkles in the eyes of the person asking me.

Than I asked to let him draw this situation.
And we came down to following figure.

Than I asked about the interactions and relations between all.

And I asked about the influencing factors.

Agreeing: this was quiet complex environment. Where there isn't always a clear predictable relationship between cause and consequence. Where you have to try things to see what the result is. Where is diffcult to define patterns. 

Being in the complex part of the Cynefin framework.

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