Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 28 april 2014

The Must of a Balanced Knowledge Management: the wave I ride

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I've been working hard on a specific customer project ànd delivering 3 books on KM these weeks, so instead of active blogging I took the opportunity to watch the types of articles published and tweeds sent around the world. To analyse the hot topics, and the trends.

Topics and tweets on personal knowledge management and wether or not it's coming back. IT companies still pushing their 'KM solution'. A rare (but valuable) post on handling all four domains of the Cynefin complexity model, instead of preaching one solution.

And then it stroke me: there are still so many tendencies in KM.

It should be obvious by now we need a balanced KM.
KM where indeed all complexities are handeled in their specific way.
Personal knowledge ànd knowledge in networks. Externalised and networked and modelled where needed. Depending on the organisational knowledge maturity - even upto the personal knowledge maturity. Linked to processes on the level they have added value. Supported by the appropriate tools - and where the role of the tool is indeed supporting. Including nets, questionnaires, knowledge cafés, visual capturing techniques where required. Based on business cases proving value or risk analysis for our customers.

In a strategic way. Solving concrete needs.

...guess I just wrote again how I believe KM should be approach....

Just another opinion, one wave in the sea of opinions.

But this is the wave I ride !!